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Let me introduce myself: Djimmy Carpanzano

Updated: 4 days ago

Welcome to my blog, a virtual space dedicated to sharing my adventures, emotions, and discoveries that arise from the intersection of my passions for videomaking, freediving, and exploring the world.

The sea was my first inspiration: a place of endless summer adventures and a true school of life. Through freediving, I have learned to respect and admire nature in its purest forms and to explore the marine depths with a different perspective, in search of those authentic emotions.

This blog was born from the need to share not only my adventures but also the stories of people and places that cross my path. It will be a virtual journey that will take us from the depths of the sea to the highest peaks, through boundless deserts and vast plains, discovering the thrill of exploration and the beauty of nature.

In my stories, images, and words will guide us in the discovery of cultures, landscapes, and life stories with the goal of inspiring and sharing the beauty that surrounds us. If you're ready to discover the world through my eyes, follow my adventures on this blog. Let yourself be inspired and, perhaps, we'll meet in some remote corner of the planet.

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